PT. Integra Automa Solusi

PT. Integra Automa Solusi Is The Development Of Cv Integra Automa Which Is Well Known To Provide A Solution To The System Of "Electrical & Automation". With The Support Of Qualified Human Resources From Leading University In Indonesia, Ugm, Itb, Ui, And Undip We Hope To Improve The Service More Professional And Better And Be Able To Satisfy All Parties.

The Main Focus Of Pt Integra Automa Solusi Is To Give Providing For The Field "Electrical And Automation" Is Oriented To The Green Technology

1. Supply Electrical Panel For System
- Low Voltage (Tr) And
- Medium Voltage (Tm), As Well As
- The Components Of Supporters
- Supply Capacitor Bank Panels For Electric Power Efficiency And Avoid Penalties Kvarh Of Pln
- Metering System: Power Meters, Kwh Meter, Analog Meters
- Service Repair Panel Systems, Analysis Of Case / Problem Related To The Electrical System

2 Automation:
- Energy Management System (Ems) To Facilitate The Management Of Energy Consumption To Obtain The Energy Consumption Patterns Of Effective And Efficient
- Automatic Billing System (Abs) System To Facilitate The Calculation Of Electrical Energy Consumption By Each Tenant / User Ddalam A Building, Office Or Shopping Center
- Water Treatment Plant (Wtp) Is A System To Automate The Processing System Of Water Resources, From The Raw Materials To Be Final Quality Is Expected, Taking Into Account The Efficiency Of Energy Use And Chemical Raw Materials Used

3 Audit Energy
- Conduct An Energy Audit To Get An Overview Of Energy Consumption At A Site / Plant In Order To Identify Sources Of Energy Waste That No Recommendation That Steps Can Be Taken To Minimize
- Perform The Implementation Of The Recommendations Of The Energy Audit So That The Energy Conservation Becomes A Real Step


Jl. Boral Jaya Ratu No. 10, Jatimakmur Pondokgede Bekasi 17413
Bekasi , Indonesia