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PF Regulator GAE
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PF Regulator GAE

Display of Information

BLR-CX is equipped with LCD with backlit. It shows information about the panel and about the mains parameters. It's also necessary for setting the parameters of BLR-CX:
Mains paramters: voltage, current, kW, kvar, kVA, kvar to target, THD U, 3rd to 19th harmonic of voltage, displacement power- factor, power factor, tan phi, frequency, temperature

Panel informations: power-on hours of panel, operating cycles per step, max. temperature of panel, average power factor, rating per step in kvar, percentage of the rating per step compared with the nominal rating. Displacement power-factor and status of the control-outputs are shown permanently. The intelligent regulation algorithm of Beluk switches the steps optimized and by this it guarantees short compensation times combined with the smallest amount of operations. The operating cycles are shared equally to all steps.

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