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Pfr 12 Step
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Specification of Pfr 12 Step

Power Factor Regulator Serves To Set The On / Off Step On The Panel Capacitor Bank, Or In Other Words The Pf Regulator Panel Is The Brain Of The Capacitor Bank.
Pfr Gae Has Many Advantages Compared With Other Brand Pfr, Including:
- Wide Voltage Range: 90-550 Vac So It Can Be Used For The Panel Capacitor Bank Tr And Tm
- No Need To Set The C / K
- Autodetect The Step Size Of The Capacitor Bank
- To Provide An Alarm If There Is A Problematic Step (Drop Out Fuse Or Mccb Trip)
- Configuration Of The Capacitor-Free / Can Be Random, Without Having To Follow The Standard 111, 122, 124, Etc.
- Can Be Set To Compensate Kvar Load Of Transformers Are Useful For Avoiding Fines When The Plant Stops Operating Kvarh
- Having A Metering Function That Can Measure Voltage, Current, Kw, Kvar, Kva, Thd And Harmonics

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